Monday, January 8, 2018

Things to Remember When You Question God...

One of the worst feelings for me is when I have a very important question that goes unanswered. It is an overwhelming feeling of being unfinished or incomplete.

There are moments in life when unanswered questions seem to leave holes in the truth as I know it. But there are also moments in life where unanswered questions revealed more than I was actually searching for. 

If you're stuck in a season of How, When, or Why, you can relate to what I'm talking about.

Here are 4 things to remember when you question God:

It's For a Purpose
One of the things I've realized is that questions lead us to our purpose. And understanding the nature of purpose, of Christ in us, is just short of knowing everything important in life. 

That is why I believe Paul said, "Christ in us the hope of Glory." Whose glory? The Fathers Glory! Why? Because of who He is and what His Kingdom represents.

So, when we become imitators of Christ, we are acting as His shadow so to speak. Our purpose is the same as His. To show a dark and broken world life, love, and hope.

Or as Bill Johnson would say: "Jesus has a one-step program: out of darkness into light."

Questions will always lead us to our purpose, even when it seems like our life is directionless at the moment. 

Trust God Even When You Don't Understand
Questions bring us to a place of needing God for answers we don't have, or strength to move past answers we won't get. Hence Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding."

I think we could all agree that there are things we are just not meant to know this side of Heaven. I'm not saying unanswered questions are easy. In fact, they are the worst! I'd rather suffer and have closure, than suffer and not know why. 

And while I know that God knows everything, including the reasons why we don't get answers sometimes, trusting Him anyway can get beyond the "why?" to see something greater.

God Cares About Your Questions
If you have more questions than answers, God sees that and cares. The absence of the one thing you need that you know He could give you may seem harsh.

But know that answers don't always change things. And it does not mean He doesn't care.

The Lord Never Withholds Good
It is against who He is. We don't always see it that because our understanding of "good" is vastly different than what it really is. He has the eternal perspective of our lives. There is a reason He leaves room for questions.

But this I can promise you: His design and purpose for your life is far better than anything you could ever imagine. And if you trust Him regardless of unanswered questions, He will lead you to your Promised Land.

Abraham went out at The Lord's command, not knowing where he was going-no map, no directions. And he landed right where he needed to be.

Jesus said we should keep asking, seeking and knocking, and understanding would come to us.

Sometimes, when we ask better questions, we get better answers. Sometimes the unanswered question is the answer.

Let questions guide you on your unique journey; don't let them prevent you from starting or experiencing it to if fullest capacity.

Let's pray:

Father God, 

We come to you now knowing that everything you do is for the good. Encourage us to write our questions down that we have for you and talk to you through prayer about them. Help us to be patient in receiving the outcome. Allow us to fully open up to you and ask why, who,when, what, and how. For you have long known our story before we ever could. In your name we pray.


With Love,